In the Beginning

In 1928 a group of contractors in Tennessee organized an association whose sole aims would be to promote better contracting and conditions, to clarify specifications, and last, but certainly the most important, to secure the cooperation of the highway department through the commissioner of highways. Thus was the beginning of the Tennessee Road Builders Association (TRBA). Starting with 22 contracting firms and four equipment and materials dealers and $15,000, TRBA has grown to nearly 325 contractors and associates state-wide.

The Merger

Much of the association’s growth can be contributed to the merger of the Tennessee Asphalt Pavement Association, Tennessee Crushed Stone Association and the Tennessee Road Builders Association into one association in 1982. This consolidation significantly increased TRBA’s resources and influence. Today, TRBA is one of the most respected associations in Tennessee. In order to keep the identity of each of the groups involved in the merger, TRBA consists of six divisions: Aggregate, Asphalt, Bridge & Concrete, Grading, Specialty and Associate. Each division has at least one representative on the board of directors at all times and the presidency of the association rotates among the divisions. TRBA has a number of committees that help decide policy and work on issues of importance to the industry. The association has liaison committees with the Tennessee Department of Transportation. These liaison committees have proven to be very useful in resolving issues of importance to the industry.


The mission of the Tennessee Road Builders Association is to advocate the interests of the Tennessee road building industry.  Our vision or motto has always been "Good Roads Save Lives, Time and Money!" TRBA is more committed to that motto than ever before. With the partnership between TRBA, ARTBA, NSSGA, NAPA , TDOT and elected and government officials, Tennessee ’s highway system is one of the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective in the nation.

Association Goals

  1. Cooperate fully with officials and employees of the Tennessee Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and all federal, state, and local government agencies.
  2. Conduct public relations events as a means of informing the public concerning transportation facility construction and urge public acceptance of the program.
  3. Provide TRBA members with complete information on all Tennessee Highway lettings and similar projects from other governmental agencies.
  4. Encourage a spirit of fraternalism and cooperation among contractors engaged in construction of highways, bridges, streets, and allied projects.
  5. Combat unfair practices and eliminate insofar as possible the elements of uncertainty and risk affecting contractors operations.
  6. Encourage the development of all public improvement projects.
  7. Cooperate fully with other associations and organizations in matters which affect directly or indirectly, all road builders.
  8. Provide all TRBA members assistance in developing and maintaining good safety programs, sustaining proficient environmental control practices, and preserving equal employment opportunity standards.
  9. Remain firmly and irrevocably bound to the traditional American Standard of Free Enterprise and individual initiative. To favor construction by the contract method because it guarantees the best possible transportation facility per tax dollar spent.


Tennessee Road Builders Association

213 Fifth Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37219

Phone: 615-255-5751