Top 10 Reasons to Join

  1. Build a bridge to success for yourself and your organization. The exchange of information with your industry and TDOT colleagues is facilitated by TRBA.

  1. Increase your clout. TRBA is a great place to build a name for yourself and your company.

  1. Sharpen your skills. By attending our seminars, conferences and conventions, you'll stay on top of your profession.

  1. Anticipate and prepare for your future. While you're focusing on maintaining your daily operations, TRBA is looking ahead to developing trends, challenges and opportunities.

  1. Receive quality support and service. When you need help, when you have a question, where do you turn? To TRBA. One-stop guidance is available here.

  1. Save time and money. TRBA has the tools and the information resources to point you in the right direction, saving you valuable time and money.

  1. Get frequent updates on changes in the industry. Late-breaking news, legislative alerts, spec changes -- you'll never be behind the times with TRBA. Through our publications and our web site you'll always be in the know.

  1. Keep up with new laws and regulations. TRBA is tuned in to the legislative and regulatory issues affecting our industry. We monitor pertinent issues and let you know when and how to take action.

  1. Find business partners through the relationships you build as a TRBA member. Partnering, minority contracting, outsourcing, mergers, acquisitions—strategic alliances are critical to success in this industry.

  1. And the number one reason to be a member of TRBA: Interact with real people in the industry. Despite e-mail, web sites and telecommuting, face-to-face relationships are not extinct, thanks to TRBA. We know that business relationships and personal friendships are crucial to success in our industry. We keep you in touch, providing opportunities to keep these relationships growing.

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Tennessee Road Builders Association

213 Fifth Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37219

Phone: 615-255-5751